The School Programme


Children are admitted to MQPCS when they are 3 years old to begin ‘’pre-school’’ – to begin to acquire the skills they will need to carry them successfully through their formal education. They learn through and in an atmosphere of play. 3 and 4 year olds are introduced to English vocabulary and conversation, with instruction being done in English and Fante. The 5 year olds use English more in their lessons and are introduced to the phonetic approach to reading. In the areas of content – English language, Math, Nature & Environment, Story-telling, Religion and Art – children are taught in small groups of 15. Large group work is used for games, songs nursery rhymes and physical education.


The focus of the lower Primary level is on English Reading and Math skills. The first hours of the day are devoted to these areas. Again, children are taught in small groups of 15. Each class has 2 teachers – one to handle English reading, the other to handle Math. The remaining subjects are taught to the class as a whole. MQPCS follows the content of the GES Syllabuses for Basic Education.


The Upper Primary continues to give prime time to English and Math skills. They are introduced to a degree of subject teaching with the 2 class teachers sharing the range of content areas.


At this level students are taught by subject teachers. They follow the GES Syllabus and prepare for the Basic Education Certificate Exam (BECE).


MQPCS includes activities that cater to the development of the Child as a ‘whole person’. It gives special attention to living and celebrating the Catholic Christian faith. Broad interests of students are encouraged through a programme of Clubs that normally meet for one hour on Fridays. The school boasts of a cultural group, a School Choir, and sports teams that have excelled in competition.


The approach to discipline at MQPCS is positive. We hold that discipline means helping the child to grow in self-control and self-direction. Teachers work toward this goal by providing work that is challenging and using praise to reinforce good behaviours. The JSS level has a specific disciplinary code for the students. The school seeks the cooperation of parents through report card conferences, PTA and special level meetings.


The first class of student took the Basic Education Certificate Exam (BECE) in August 2000. Forty children wrote the exam – forty children passed with six students having 9 ones. Congrats to students and teachers and Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School!