Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School is a private school of the Archdiocese of Cape Coast. The school was founded by the late Archbishop, John Kodwo Amissah, a few months before his untimely death in 1991. It is meant to provide quality Catholic education for the people of Cape Coast and is located in the parish of Mary Queen of Peace at the Fourth Ridge. And it has successfully done this for 25 years, graduating 749 students as of June 2016- who have gone on to higher education and are taking their places as active members of society.

The location of the school is a peaceful valley and conducive to learning. Buildings have been put in place through the years with the help of funding agencies, friends and contributions of parents in cash and communal labour in the early days.


Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School is the realization of a dream that began in the early 1980’s when the late Archbishop John Kodwo Amissah was approached by parents asking for a school that would provide quality Catholic education for the people who lived in Cape Coast.

In 1989, the School Sisters of Notre Dame entered the dream with the commitment of 2 Sisters who undertook to administer the school and to teach some classes. Months of preparation during 1990-91 culminated in the school welcoming its first students on 8th October 1991-just 2 weeks after the untimely death of Archbishop Amissah. The Archbishop’s dream had become living reality as seventy 4, 5, and 6 year olds began their education in temporary arrangements in the uncompleted church building of Mary Queen of Peace Parish at 4th Ridge.

The children came from Siwudu. Adisadel, Pedu, Abura and the Ridges. They came from the homes of famers and fishermen, lecturers and labourers in nearby educational institutions, civil servants, artisans, traders and workers in the various agencies and local industries. In 1992 the 70 children became130, the 3 classes became 4 full classes and a bamboo classroom was put up to house 2 classes.

The struggle to obtain the current site was resolved through the intervention of the then Regional Secretary – the late Mr. Ato Austin.

Grants from MISSIO – Aachen, the Holy Childhood – Rome, and Three Kings Action – Germany allowed construction work to begin on the Primary Block. St. Peter the Rock Builders became part of the dream.

In September 1993, the school left the parish compound and moved to the valley. Classes 1, 2 and 3 occupied classrooms on the ground floor of the Primary Block – while Peter the Rock continued to work on the first floor. The Kindergartens were housed for 6 months in a temporary structure made of ‘wawa’ boards just outside the new building. In May 1994, they too moved into the Primary block while classes 2 and 3 moved upstairs to rooms now ready for use.

In October 1994, work was began on the Kindergarten Block. The strange looking profile caused much curiousity but developed into an ideal space for 4 and 5 year olds to begin their educational journey. The two classes occupied the building in September 1995.

The SSND’s had been living in one of the Archdiocese’s ‘’guest houses’’ near the seaside – driving up and down to school each day. Funds for a convent became available and construction was begun in October 1995 on the current Sister’s residence – located on a low hill between the parish church and the school. The Sisters moved on 1st September 1997.

By the same September 1997 the pioneer class 1 students had reached Junior Secondary School. They were still accommodated in the Primary Block. The site had been blessed and ground broken in February 1997, but work moved slowly due to a serious shortage of funds. Grants that had been available for earlier structures were suddenly non-existent. Appeals to agencies were responded to with ‘regrets’. Work continued with the support of the Archdiocese, fund-raising activities and levies by parents, and occasional individual donations from benefactors abroad.

In September 1998 Sr. Anna Raimon, a Presentation Sister, took up the responsibility for the Junior Secondary section of MQPCS. JS 1 and JS 2 took up residence in two barely completed classrooms while work continued on the rest of the structure that included a multi-purpose assembly hall. In 1999, the next class also moved over from the Primary. Work continued around them and in June of 2000 the first school Mass was celebrated in the completed assembly hall on the first floor above the JHS classrooms.

On October12th 2001, Archbishop Peter Turkson (now Cardinal) celebrated Mass with the school, blessed the Junior High School building and broke ground for the work to begin for the building of a Resource Centre building. This work has been very slow – but over the years has resulted in a building which houses an ICT Lab, a home Economics lab, a Science lab and a General Library. It currently has three rooms that will soon be used as classrooms for the beginning of the Senior High School in October 2014.